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Our Club History

Once the Indoor pool was built in Aldershot the RSA committee expanded and a further two clubs were
formed. Our club was given water time on a Wednesday evening between 6pm and 7:30pm and
Aldershot Adult Swimming Club were given water time on Wednesday evenings from 9pm and 10pm.
Rushmoor Royals and Rushmoor Synchro who also are member clubs of the RSA were also given water
time through the RSA as well. Our Club was formed and initially setup and run by the volunteers from
Rushmoor Youth Swimming - Farnborough. The first 15 years the club was named Rushmoor Youth
Swimming - Aldershot and places were given to children involved in Youth Organisatons such as the
Scouts and Guides.

In 1992 our club was renamed "Aldershot Youth Swimming Club" and places were offered to all children
regardless of them belonging to a youth organisation. Then in 1992 our club reached its 20 year milestone !

Then in 2006 after a struggle over the past few years for our club where numbers had gone down to less than 50
children, our club starts to pick up and forcus' attention on volunteering and encouraging more people to volunteer
within the club. Numbers of children started to grow from 50 children up to 120 children having lessons.

Then from 2011 our club is now growing fast with with an amazing team of volunteers who are committed and
passionate to teach children to swim ! Assistants are being encouraged to volunteer alongside teachers and
club numbers stand at 115 children. Finally in 2017 our club will reach its 40 year milestone !


Affiliated to Rushmoor Swimming Association - Established in 1973
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