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Spring Term Pool Plan
Lessons starting: 5th September 2018

All Parents will receive an email informing you what time your child will be swimming
for the upcoming term. Parents who have not enrolled their child yet, must enrol and
pay in full before their first lesson of the new term


Octopus 1
(Beginner Class)

Angelfish 3a
(Improver Class)
Goldfish 1a
(Improver Class)
Shark 1
(Improver Class)
Goldfish 3
(Improver Class)
Angelfish 2
(Improver Class)
Goldfish 2a
(Improver Class)


Octopus 2
(Beginner Class)

Angelfish 3b
(Improver Class)
Goldfish 1b
(Improver Class)
Shark 3
(Improver Class)
Stroke Improver
(Improver Class)
Shark 2
(Improver Class)
Goldfish 2b
(Improver Class)


Octopus 3
(Beginner Class)

Water Safety Silver (Advanced Class)
Water Safety Bronze & Gold (Advanced Class)
Teacher Training
Angelfish 1
(Improver Class)


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