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STA Octopus 2

This test should be taken in shallow water, candidates may use buoyancy aids. 

Learners must pass all sections to be awarded the badge.


1. Answer 2 water safety questions

2. Enter the pool safely with a step or jump.

3. Swim 2 metres front paddle and 2 metres back paddle unaided.

4. Use a woggle to kick across the pool while blowing bubbles.

5. Demonstrate front crawl arm action while standing.

6. Demonstrate back crawl arm action while standing.

7. Push and glide on the front with face in the water.

8. Push and glide on the back with arms by the side.

9. Use a woggle, rotate from back float to front float and return to a back float.

10. Submerge underwater and retrieve an object.